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Roast Vegetables

Roast Vegetables

Today is my day off in the kitchen as we are invited to my mother in law for supper. Its Slow Roasted Lamb on the menu and I have offered to make the Roast Veges. I always offer to make the Vege dishes as i Always have a drawer in the fridge full of vegetables!
My chunky vegetable mix:
Onion chunks, Tri colour peppers, Baby corn, Mange-tout, gren beans, Carrot sticks (thick cuts) Baby marrow, lemon rings and broccoli. This is my vegetable selection but you can add anything you want.
Marinade: Drizzle with a good glug of olive oil, lightly salt, ground pepper, chilli flakes, garlic, mustard seeds, 1t jeer (cumin seeds), 1t ajmo (Carom seeds), lemon juice and 5 Tablespoons water (so that the veges steam in the oven without drying out).
Cover with foil and grill in the oven for approximately 30- 40minutes at 180. Don’t overcook and check after 30minutes. The veges should have a slight crunch to them.

Full of vitamins and minerals, fibre and healthy fats (from the olive oil) this is really nutritious!
This is super quick as it goes straight into the oven! For an even tastier outcome, ‘marinate’ the vegetables in the marinade ahead of time.
Enjoy your evening!!


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