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Smoked trout open sandwiches

Smoked trout open sandwiches

Fish is not only low in fat, but it is also a tasty, highly nutritious and wholesome food that can offer an endless variety to menus. Fish can be used as an alternative to meat in the diet, and it is not only quick to prepare but also lower in fat than other meats and poultry options. In a serving size of 143g, trout has 1680mg of omega 3 fatty acids and 412mg of omega 6 fatty acids.

There are many ways to prepare trout, our favourite are trout ribbons. They make a fantastic sandwich but are also lovely together with scrambled eggs. A delicious trout meal can take under 15 minutes to prepare!

To end my weekend we feasted on smoked trout open sandwiches.
Ive prepared todays sandwich with lightly toasted olive baguette. Layered the bread with butter lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion slices. On top of that goes the smoked trout ribbons and finished off with my favourite home mixed sour cream sauce.
For the sour cream sauce: combine finely diced peppers, jalapenos, caper berries and a good squeeze of lemon juice with half 4 tablespoons of sour cream. Spoon little bits over the trout and garnish with fresh herbs and blue berries. Finish off with a grind of black pepper and serve with lime wedges. Fantastic!

Nutrition tip: Trout is one of the healthiest fish you can include in your diet, especially farmed trout since they are raised in freshwater ponds and raceways that are protected from environmental contaminants. Research shows that trout and other oil rich fish can play a vital role in preventing deaths from heart disease.
Trout is not only low in calories (just 135 kcals per 100g), but it’s also an excellent source of iron, calcium, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and B12 and contains valuable natural oils that help keep the skin and hair healthy.
Try to make 2 meals a week, a fish based meal, one of which is an oily fish.

Don’t miss out – pick up a trout and head for a healthier lifestyle!!


One comment on “Smoked trout open sandwiches

  1. Eseles
    January 28, 2014

    I love smoked trout and salmon but hate the price tag. I have made it with pasta too…easy, quick and delicious. Smoked trout is one of my husbands favorite food. He likes it in an open sandwich, on scrambled eggs, in a bagel, pasta and of course just as is. My fridge always has a bottle of caper berries…just for smoked trout and salmon. I like your sour cream recipe, I will try it the next time I buy some trout. Thanks for sharing

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