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Meat Free Mondays

Its been almost a year since hubby and I have been following a predominantly vegetarian diet. One trend we do love to follow is Meat Free Monday and it has helped us experiment with flavours and vegetables and discover that we can create exciting colourful meals without always relying on meat. It has helped us to cut the amount of processed meats we eat too, which has done wonders for our health and weights!

One easy vegetarian meal is a stir fry. Its quick, easy and flavourful. Simply toss and turn bite sized pieces of vegetables or meat, or both in a little oil in a wok (i use a wide bottomed pan) over high heat. In five minutes or less the flavours are sealed in and food is cooked. Vegetables are crisp and bright, while leaving the meat (if you prefer) flavourful and tender.

Stir-frying fits hectic lifestyles and health-conscious tastes. Use fresh ingredients such as bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, green beans, spinach or cabbage and corn―and because foods cook in a flash, vegetables retain their color and texture. It’s definitely a versatile technique you can use every often.

Choose an oil that can take high heat like Canola oil. Don’t waste expensive extra- virgin olive oil or dark sesame oil for stir-frying. The high heat will destroy the distinctive taste, keep these to marinade or add at the end to add flavour. Avoid butter, which burns easily at high temperatures.

Preheat the wok for at least two minutes on high heat until it is very hot. You will know the pan is ready if you see a little smoke rise from the wok, or if you flick a drop of water into the pan and it sizzles rapidly and instantly evaporates. 

A simple sauce is the best with a stir fry. Let the flavours of the vegetables do the talking. 

2 comments on “Meat Free Mondays

  1. Nabila Ismail
    February 1, 2014

    What lovely vegetables you use, thanks for the ideas!
    I have an issue that I’m confused over. I have read that cottage cheese is high in protein and is excellent for people who are looking to substitute a protein in their diet in place of meat. However, dairy is not highly recommended when dieting. But isn’t cottage cheese a dairy and protein? I understand that protein has amino acids but what components makes up a dairy product in terms of nutrition?

    • faaizahsnutritionlab
      February 17, 2014

      Hi Nabila. Thank you for your question. I have answered it in the new post, Mango Passion Breakfast Smoothie!

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