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Healthy weight loss tips



Browsing through the magazine section, we are very often plagued by magazine covers with skinny models and dieting tips promising to help you lose many kilograms in a few days! Many women take the extreme diet challenge too far as they feel they they are pressured to have a certain shape and size.

Extremely low calorie diets, diet pills, injectables and other over the counter medication can pose a serious risk to your health! Let this year be that year you clear out your medicine cabinet of all the diet junk we are marketed. Go the sensible eating route to a healthy, beautiful you!

Here are some tips to help you get going:

– Small meals and snacks: Research has shown that the longer the time between meals and snacks the poorer the food choices we make. This is very true. By skipping meals we all of a sudden find ourselves so hungry we will eat almost anything in sight! Snacking on fruit or vegetable sticks will help you reach your goal of getting in extra fibre and reaching your goal of 5 a day(five fruit or vegetables a day for good health). Keep healthy snacks at your desk or in a fruit bowl in the kitchen. Keep the biscuits and other sweet treats out of sight or leave these for a treat day on the weekend or a special occasion. Don’t skip meals!!

– Drink plenty of water. Cut out sugary drinks from your diet. Include non nutritive sweetened drinks in moderation and keep tea and coffee to 2 cups daily.

– Start an exercise routine: You do not have to take out an expensive gym contract to do this. Download exercise videos off the internet, or ask your neighbour or a friend to be your walking buddy.

– Get tempting foods out of the house.

– Make a resolution to only eat from a plate when seated at the table. This will help you avoid grazing intron of the fridge or dibbling as you cook.

– Include vegetables and high fibre starches at your meals. High fibre foods not only protect you from colon and breast cancers but they also help you feel fuller for longer, which means that you will not feel hungry so often and snack on anything within reach!


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