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Salad with Fruit

Add colour to your salads by using different fruits and vegetables. Use different slicing techniques to make the most ordinary salad look irresistible!
I love boosting a simple salad by adding freshly cut fruits over salad greens! Use the vibrant colours of summer fruit to make the most ordinary, everyday salad look irresistible! By Using different slicing techniques (julienne or curly strips, zig zag cutters or wavy cutters) you can make carrots, cucumbers or even strawberries look exotic!

Swop your regular salad dressing for for a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, which has less calories than commercial salad dressings!
Here are some tips to make everyday salads exciting:
– experiment with different oils and dressings. Vegetable oils have a variety of antioxidants and nutrients, try avocado oil, garlic infused oil or macadamia oil to make vinaigrettes and dressings.
– experiment with different toppings. Nuts, cranberries, olives, sun dried tomatoes, seeds, dried fruit, biltong, or herbs can add a twist to a salad!
– mix leaves with herbs. Mix salad leaves with herbs to add flavour. Dried or fresh from the garden herbs add flavour without any calories!
– leftovers. Running low on salad ingredients? Add last nights leftovers to vegetables to make a delicious salad! When lean proteins are added to salads, they help keep you fuller for longer! Try chicken strips, boiled egg, lemon and herb fish flakes, beef strips, reduced fat feta cheese. The list is endless!

Greens are good for digestive health but it’s no fun eating them when they don’t taste or look good. Arrange your salads and greens so that they are appealing to the eye, and make you want to reach for the bowl! A dressing over the top does help to add flavour but stick to a portion per serving!

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