you are what you eat

Pineapple mint- ginger smoothie


This is my husbands favourite drink especially when he is feeling a cold/ flu coming on. The hot and spicy ginger goes so well with the tropical sweetness of the pineapple. Ginger has been used for centuries in western and eastern medicine to treat nausea due to seasickness, chemotherapy and morning sickness in pregnancy.

1 cup chopped Pineapple

1 handful fresh mint leaves

1 3cm piece fresh ginger stem, peeled and roughly chopped

1/2 cup ice cubes


Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. Drink Immediately.

Pineapple is a fruit with a medium GI, it is high in vitamin C (47.8mg vitamin C per 100g).  Pineapple contains a bromeliad, a proteolytic enzyme (breaks down protein) and is an excellent meat marinade and meat tenderiser.

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