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Easy kiddies egg bread


With 6 grams of good quality protein and upto 14 essential nutrients eggs make up an excellent way to start your day! Proteins contain amino acids and one egg contains 9 essential amino acids which help to build and repair body cells and tissues; grow strong nails and hair; help fight infections; and build abd maintain healthy muscles- these are just a few functions of amino acids in the body.
Eggs labelled high in omega 3 fatty acids are also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, which is a type of poly unsaturated fatty acid essential for hearth health, good vision, brain functions and normal growth and development.
This recipe is an easy way to get kids to have a healthy breakfast without them realising it.
Extremely quick and easy, dip quartered bread in a spiced lightly beaten egg mixture.
I have mixed 2 eggs for 2 slices of quartered bread.  The spices included in the beaten eggs are a pinch (you can make it spicier- children often prefer foods that are not too spicy) of the following:
– cumin seeds
– coriander powder
– ginger garlic paste
– fine red chillies
– black pepper
– salt

Heat a non stick pan on medium heat. Dip each quarter of bread in the egg mix and place on the pan. Spoon over each peice of bread another bit of egg mix. Turn over once golden brown.
Cook till done and golden brown on both sides. Sprinkle finely grated cheese over the bread and serve hot. Herbs or chives can also be sprinkled onto the bread while it is frying. This is a quick, spicy version if french toast.

Variation using ciabatta:
Dip ciabatta in a mix of egg, cinnamon and honey. Cook over medium heat and serve with fresh berries.

Picky eaters often need to be distracted while eating. Set a little table with fruit, egg bread and milk or a little fruited smoothie out in the garden. Watch them devour their meal in minutes while potting about in the sunshine!

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