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Treasured Cookware

My first Recipe Redux upload is this month and I am very excited to share my most treasure Cookware. Something not so easy to decide on, as I have many pieces of treasured cookware which have been passed down to me.

My recipe is something traditional that features on every Indian Household’s table. It can made fresh or bought but always enjoyed together with a delicious curry or other dish whether it be meat or vegetables. I am referring to the Indian Roti, traditionally made using stoneground wholemeal flour or Atta. This recipe is special to me because I grew up eating traditional Indian curries which were always accompanied by roti or rice. I remember visiting my Grandmotherin the late school day afternoon and as I would walk through her front door, the smell of freshly ‘fried’ roti would waft through the air and draw me towards the kitchen. She would spoil us with a fresh quarter of roti with a sprinkling of sugar on the inside and rolled to make a little wrap.

When I got married, my Mom gave me a skillet (which is excellent for crepes too) and a Velin (rolling pin) which my Grandmother had brought with her from India many years ago! It takes me back to my childhood and India each time I prepare a fresh batch for my family!

The recipe which was passed down to me, required ghee (purified butter fat) and oil, white flour and boiling water (just enough to make a soft dough)- an end result which is high in fat. When the roti is ‘fried’ on the skillet, it is very common for it to be smeared with ghee.  I have modified the recipe using a fraction of the fat but keeping the boiling water and I have cut out the ghee when frying too.

Wholemeal roti recipe:

– 1 cup brown bread flour

– 1/2 teaspoon ghee

– 3/4 cup boiling water


– In a food processor add the flour and ghee. Start the motor an slowly add the boiling water until a soft dough is formed.

– Divide into 4 small balls and roll out into a side plate sized round bread on a floured surface. The roti should not be too thin.

– Cook on a hot skillet and turn when the dough becomes a ‘balloon’ then turnover. The roti will be done when golden brown on both sides.




One comment on “Treasured Cookware

  1. Fatima Carrim Asmal
    April 22, 2014

    Always looking for a good healthy alternative to the traditional white flour roti recipe! Can’t wait to give this a try! 👍

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