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Quinoa Vegetable Stew with Rice

vege curry

Vegetable Stews are easy to make, nutritious and filled with fibre- good for the whole family! If there is any leftover, wrap it up in a whole wheat tortilla together with lettuce for a healthy lunch!

This delicious stew is made with 2 cups of my favourite vegetable mix:

– Onions and peppers – (diced)

– Carrots and baby corn

– Green beans and Mange tout (diced into chunks)

– Marrows and mushrooms (chopped)

I always start with giving the vegetables a slight stir fry in a wide bottomed pot. A non stick pot can be used to cut  down on oil usage during the stir fry process. I recommend keeping the oil usage to no more than 1 T per person per meal. While the vegetables are going, I mix up the following to add to the vegetables:

– 1/2 125ml Pureed tomatoes

– Coriander powder

– Cumin seeds

– Cardomom pods and cloves

– 2cm piece fresh garlic, grated

– 3 garlic cloves, finely diced

– 1tsp fine red chilli powder

– 2T lemon juice

– 3 small bay leaves

Once the tomato and spice mix is ready, remove the vegetables from the heat. Pour the tomato mix into the vegetables and stir well. Place the pot back on low heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Add 1/2 a cup of rinsed quinoa (to add extra fibre, protein and to help lower the GI of the meal). It was interesting to note during the cooking process that the Quinoa acted as a thickening agent for my stew. So i did not have to add any soup powder, flour or potato to thicken this stew!

Serve with rice, paratha or whole wheat roti.

Nutrition Tip: Vegetable add important fibre, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals to our diets. Vegetables are versatile and can be prepared in many different ways from grilling, steaming, stewing, preserving and not forgetting stir fry’ing. Include a cup of vegetables at lunch and supper, but it does not stop there! Vegetables are an excellent way to snack- cut carrot, celery and cucumber into sticks to use with a low fat dip in the office or at home!  Vegetables can easily be added to some of our most favourite family meals, grated carrot to mince and rice dishes, grated marrow to curries, use cauliflower in place of potato in a mash, cubed peppers add colour and crunch to pie fillings and sandwich fillers! Once you start adding more vegetables to your meals, there is no turning back!

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