you are what you eat

Smoked trout and Avo Roll

breakfast on the go

The buttery richness of a perfectly ripe avocado is one of the greatest offerings of the vegetable world! Avocado is the perfect partner to any meal, ,it pairs well with white fish or shellfish, it is delicious when chopped into a salsa, and anything citrus, especially lemon and lime adds a zippy dimension to the smooth texture of the avocado flesh.

Lime juice squeezed over sliced avocado and smoked trout makes the perfect packed lunch! So perfect infact that you will find yourself outside, in the fresh air, all alone (absolutely not because this sandwich is so delicious you will want to keep all of it to yourself!!) taking a real break from work to enjoy your lunch hour!

This avo- trout sandwich is made in a whole wheat seeded bun (I have removed a little bit of the bread as it was a little too thick). Layered with fat free cottage cheese, slices of roma tomatoes, watercress, trout and avocado on the top.

Enjoy this irresistible sandwich with a bottle of sparkling water, and savour each and every bite!

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