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Orange Mint Iced Tea

I do love a good iced tea and if it is low in kilojoules, I enjoy my tea even more! Being the season of all things orange and citrus, I have an orange mint iced tea recipe which is delicious enough to share! I prepared this iced tea on the morning of Mothers Day while I waited for my guests to arrive. It is simple, quick and easy but the result are refreshing and delicious!


The fruit isle is quickly filling up with all fruits high in Vitamin C, and I recently purchased a bag of these delicious blood oranges at my local Food Lovers Market. I am so spoilt as this Food Lovers Market, just down the road from me, always has fresh, sessional fruits and vegetables! My girls love accompanying me on these trips as they get to hand pick green beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms and the most amazing nectarines (when in season) among other delicious fresh produce!


You will need:

1litre boiling water

5 early grey/ english breakfast tea bags

2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice

1 cup mint leaves, washed

1/4 cup of freshly grated orange rind

1 litre ‘lite’ or diet lemonade



Brew the tea bags in a litre of boiling water for 15 minutes or until the tea is strong and black! Remove the tea bags and leave the tea to cool. Refrigerate.

In a jug, add the rind, mint, orange juice and chilled tea. Fill the jug with chilled ‘lite’ lemonade. This recipe is so easy, its delicious and quick to make! Serve chilled and enjoy!


Chef’s Tip: The Rind from oranges, naartjies, lemons and limes adds a burst of citrus flavour to deserts, stir fry’s, drinks, salads and tuna sandwiches! i love the grater I purchased from ‘microplane’ the blades are extremely sharp and it leaves a finely grated rind to enjoy in all types of dishes!


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