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Colourburst Lemon Iced Tea

This is a delicious drink for your Eid Table. It is low in kilo joules and so easy to make!
What do you do with leftover fruit salad when you have had guests over?   Fruit, especially if it is already cut and in the fruit salad form, it can go bad very quickly. SO what to do? Throw it all out? Give it away? Nope….

20140623_163600(I have watermelon, melon and pineapple)

Simple! Take out some for immediate consumption and freeze the rest in ziplock bags to use in drinks at a later stage. This is a handy trick especially if you do not have an ice maker or don’t have space to keep ice trays. The chopped fruit, no matter what shape or size will help to keep drinks cold, add flavour and give a wonderful a boost of colour.

itea    frozen

Colour- burst Lemon Iced Tea:

3 orange flavoured tea bags (Twinings tea bags do give exceptional flavour in an iced tea!)

500ml boiling water

Steep the Tea bags in the boiling water and put into the fridge(if its for immediate consumption) or set aside then refrigerate once cooled if its for later on in the day. If you are making the tea ahead of time, remove the teabags after an hour then refrigerate until cool.

1 bunch mint leaves, rinsed

1 lemon,, sliced into thick slices

1 cup frozen fruit salad

500ml Sprite zero or 7up zero.

Serving time:

In a Jug throw in mint leaves, lemon slices and tea (remove the tea bags). The tea will be dark and full of flavour from the tea bags.

Add the frozen fruit and add the 7 up zero/ sprite zero till the top.

This makes the perfect iced tea without the added sugar. Perfect for a diabetic and someone watching their weight! This makes the perfect drink when breaking your fast! Try it out using different flavoured teas!



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