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Deliciously Nutritious Stir Fry Wraps

I try to keep Monday’s Meat free and even though it is Ramadan, I wanted to keep on with my meat free tradition. These wraps are easy, colourful, healthy and so versatile. Packed with Fibre and full of nutrients, Everyone will be asking for seconds!

For these wraps I used:

1 Dinner plate worth of vegetables:


2 baby marrows, cut into thin long strips

Tri colour peppers, cut into strips

4 Mushrooms, sliced

2 Baby Corn, cut into quarters lengthways

8 Green beans, split lengthways

Handful of a mix of watercress, baby spinach and basil leaves (you will find a similar mix in the fresh produce section)

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 tsp minced garlic

Whole wheat wraps

2T. Basil Pesto

1T Trim/ lite mayonnaise



– In a small bowl, mix the pesto and mayonnaise. Set aside

– Heat a pan on medium heat. Stir fry the vegetables using 1 T oil. 5- 8 minutes should be enough. Keep stirring to avoid the vegetables from burning but do not let them overcook.


– Add the garlic and salt and pepper to the vegetables. Stir well and set aside.

– This recipe make 3 small wraps. You will need 3 square pieces of foil to wrap the wraps once done.

– In a skillet or in the microwave, heat the wraps until soft.

– Lay the vegetables lengthways  on the wrap and place the wrap on the foil. Spread the sides of the wrap around the vegetables with the pesto- mayo mixture. Lay a few pieces of lettuce over the vegetables.


– Wrap up tightly and leave to stay warm in the oven. Serve warms a starter or main.


Nutrition Tip:

Adding vegetables to your Iftaar table, in any way be it raw or cooked helps to add extra fibre (which prevents constipation), adds variety to the meal, and most importantly gives us some very important vitamins and minerals to keep the mind and body strong during this auspicious month!


I added cubes of feta to  my wrap but you can add any protein you like. Chicken strips, beef strips, chilli- garlic prawns will also the trick!Wraps can be made with cold vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, julienne carrots, tomato etc.) during the sumer months, but because it is a chilly Ramadan, I prefer warmer dishes and vegetables that have been coked. Wraps make the perfect light meal for a Friday night or sunday evening when you have had a big lunch.


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