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Let the adventures begin..

Hello everybody! It has been such a long time since I blogged some delicious healthy recipes, and I have a very good reason for staying away for so long! Hubby was granted an observership at a hospital in San Diego, California for 4 months. The previous weeks I was prepping and packing for an adventure in sunny California!
Now that we are here, discovering this beautiful city (which has been rated as one of the top cities to visit with kids!), all settled in I can start sharing some quick and healthy recipes with you! I have searched and found some delicious halal, organic meat and I will share with you on this post a really spectacular farmers market!
My recipes in the following posts are going to be super quick and easy as I have just 1 pot, 1 frying pan, some very basic crockery and cutlery. This adventure is about being minimal, but we will be spending some extra dollars saved on organic, fresh and delicious fresh produce!

The Hillcrest Farmers Market happens every Sunday, from 9- 1pm. It is very different from markets I am used to in Johannesburg. There is a such a wide variety, from peaches,apples, grapes, citrus fruits and watermelons to home baked gluten free, rye, whole wheat breads, honey, fish, flowers, clothing and jewellery, freshly squeezed juices and also some delicious freshly cooked meals. If you are into fresh, organic fruits and vegetables then this is definitely the place to visit if you are ever in San Diego!


This Sea Urchin Ceviche was something I have not seen before. The sea urchin is halved, the insides removed leaving just a little bit of orange colored meat on the side, rinsed in cold fresh water and filled with chopped vegetables or a mix of veges and fish. Something to try out next week!


We left with bags filled with fruits and vegetables all organic and fresh! Peppers, lettuce, green beans, peaches, grapes, tomatoes, eggs and some delicious basil pesto. I’m ready to start my week with some fiber rich foods to keep us healthy! Foods high in fibre are naturally low in fat, helps to keep us fuller for longer and is good for digestive and heart health!
What foods have you filled in your shopping basket this week? Start at the fresh produce section and don’t spend much time in the processes foods isle!



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