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Bulgar Wheat Salad


Chopped vegetables, herbs and spices tossed with bulgar wheat make this delicious nutty salad perfect for hot summer days. Bulgar wheat is whole grain and so versatile, stir through any available veges and freshly chopped herbs, serve with your favorite grilled protein and you have a meal in minutes!

I had a little bit of long grain white rice left over from a previous meal, and mixed it in. You can leave it out if you don’t have any!

Cooking time will vary with the type of grain you have bought. Medium sized grains can be cooked simply by adding boiling water and leaving it aside in an airtight container until done. Larger sized grains need to be boiled on the stove using 2 parts water to 1 part bulgar wheat. If you have added a little bit too much water, don’t worry. Bulgar wheat does not get soggy easily when cooked. Once done, set aside to cool. Throw a handful of bulgar wheat into your soups or mix with cous cous, there is nothing that bulgar wheat cannot be added to!!
Vegetables you can add can vary from what you have available to specific couloirs you want your bulgar wheat to have. The more vegetables you add off different colours, the more nutritious your meal:
– Chopped peppers
– Chopped and steamed green beans
– Rosa tomatoes
– Shredded purple onion
– Cucumber pieces
– Slivered almonds
– Corn
– Handful of fresh chopped herbs
For a little bit of extra flavour I add:
– a dash of balsamic vinegar
– freshly ground black pepper
– 2 T of my low fat mustard and honey dressing
– lemon or line rind and lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients together and set on a platter of your favorite leafy greens. Serve warm or chilled.


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