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Preparing a Calabash or Gourd

The next time you are out shopping, keep your eyes open for a Calabash or Gourd. I love a cup of Calabash to thicken curries, soups or stews. It is low in calories and really spoils you, as it gives the curry a thick, devious consistency! Its way better than using flour and even cornflour to thicken a stew!


This is what a calabash looks like. The shell is very often used to make ornamental pieces or shakers. They are ver pretty! I usually buy a large calabash, peel and slice then cook up and freeze for curry days when it really comes in handy.

The skin is soft and very easy to peel, run a potato peeler over the skin, be careful not to take off too many layers as the greenish skin can often not be visible once cooked. SOnce peeled, slice like shown, add a splash of water and let it just simmer slowly on the stove. Stir occasionally and once it is soft and very mushy wiz until smooth in a blender. Let it cool then portion into 1/2 to 1 cup portions, which can easily be defrosted and thrown into a curry or stew.


As seen in the nutritional breakdown below, it is very low in calories and is a better alternative to using flour or cornflour.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.36.07 AM

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