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Rainbow julliene salad

Julliene vegetables on a bed of baby greens, make a delicious accompaniment to any meal! 

Ensuring that half my plate is filled with vegetables, sometimes unfortunately means that I am late into the kitchen and have to make that half a salad. But salads with the usual ingredients can seem so tiresome, the carrot, round cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce and often it is untouched as it has just become so boring! Making over our old favorites is something I love doing, and this salad takes all those ‘regular’ ingredients and turns them into a delicious side, or even the star of the meal! Save the leftover for your lunch the next day, but add 1/2 cup of chick peas or beans to add extra protein! 

For this recipe you will need:

A handful of baby greens, baby spinach, watercress, and a handful of herbs soaked in ice water until crisp

2 carrot, peeled and julliened into strips

A 6 cm peice of cucumber, also julliened but use the peel and the inside

Tri Colour peppers, all cut into thin strips

A handful of green beans, cut into half and steamed inthe microwave or on the stove until cooked but still crispy

Half an onion cut into thin strips

One mielie or corn on the cob, boiled until done and stripped of all the corn, using a sharp knife

Half a wheel of reduced fat feta cheese

Baby tomatoes (6 or so) cut into quarters 

Spring onion, chopped

Freshly chopped coriander


– Let the leaves crisp in the ice water, drain to remove all the water. Set in a deep bowl. Add the vegetables as the are cut, the carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, corn, green beans and onion. Add the herbs and Zest over the vegetables a lemon (I love the spray of citrus as I zest a lemon!). 


– Make a dressing using:

1T light mayo 

Italian herbs, black pepper

1/2t whole grain mustard

A good squeeze of lemon juice

A small drizzle of honey

A small splash of red wine vinegar

Mix all the dressing ingredients in a s bottle, and shake till combined. 

– Pour the dressing over the salad. Toss to combine. Throw over the feta cheese, and a mix of seeds (recipe can be found here Omega seed mix | faaizahsnutritionlab . 


– If you have time before serving, chill in the fridge or enjoy just prepares with your favorite low fat protein! 

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